Advanced Nursing Foot Care?

Nursing Foot/Lower Limb Care

Professional care for feet and lower limbs provided by a Registered Nurse with specialized training and certification,  with the goal of healthier feet, improved mobility, and improved overall health and wellbeing.  Practise is evidenced-based, following best practice guidelines and College of Nurses Standards. 

Consultation and Assessment

At the initial visit, a comprehensive health assessment is completed.  * Please bring a list of your medications.

A focused assessment of feet/lower limbs is completed, including Vascular, Sensation and Diabetic Foot screening.  Treatment goals and Plan of Care is developed.  

Provision of Care

Routine care to skin and nails using sterilized tools.   Specialized treatment of conditions such as ingrown nails, corns, calluses, dry skin with fissures/cracks, warts, thick and fungal nails.   Compression stockings fittings and dispensing.

Education and Referral 

Education surrounding foot health and prevention of problems.  Referrals to other Health Care Providers as needed.


Healthy feet are important to our overall health.  Many health conditions can affect our feet, along with wear and tear over the years.  Often times, serious health problems are first noticed in our feet.  Adverse conditions of the feet also in turn affect our overall health, quality of life, and ability to be active.  Prevention and early detection of problems is important. 

Particularly, the following groups of people benefit from care:

-those with high-risk health conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, peripheral vascular disease

-those experiencing problems with their feet/lower limbs, including pain, skin and nail conditions

-occupational related risks, including those who are on their feet for hours at a time or wear work boots

-those who engage in vigorous activity/exercise, exerting stress to their feet/lower legs

-those who are unable to safely care for their feet

-those who want to improve or maintain the health of their feet

**  Medical receipts provided for Insurance and Income-tax purposes  **